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Trailblazing Excellence: Shah Nawaz Group, Pioneering Success Across Industries


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Trailblazing Excellence: Shah Nawaz Group, Pioneering Success Across Industries

Welcome to Shah Nawaz Group, where innovation meets excellence. Led by Shah Nawaz, MBA, our President & CEO, we are a dynamic consortium of companies dedicated to redefining success across industries. From insurance brokerage to education and media, Shah Nawaz Group is committed to shaping a future of empowerment and inspiration. Join us on a journey where passion, integrity, and innovation converge to create a world of endless possibilities.

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Shah Nawaz, MBA

President & CEO

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Nawaz Group's strategic approach and dynamic decision-making under Shah Nawaz's leadership have been instrumental in the success of our collaborative projects. The team's dedication to excellence sets them apart, making them a valuable partner in our business journey.

James Thompson

Managing Director
Working with Nawaz Group has been a game-changer for our organization. Shah Nawaz's visionary leadership and the innovative solutions provided by the team have significantly elevated our operations. Their commitment to client satisfaction is truly commendable.

Nasreen Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer
I can't emphasize enough the positive impact Nawaz Group has had on our sustainability initiatives. Shah Nawaz's commitment to ethical practices and innovation aligns perfectly with our values. Their Green Initiatives Tracker has been a game-changer for us.

Aisha Rahman

COO, EcoSolutions Ltd.
Nawaz Group's commitment to transparency and integrity stands out. Shah Nawaz's collaborative leadership style has fostered a strong partnership. The Personalized Client Portals have streamlined communication, providing real-time updates tailored to our specific needs.

Ahmed Khan

Founder, KhanTech Innovations
Shah Nawaz's strategic vision and the Nawaz Group's ability to deliver results have been crucial to the success of our joint ventures. Their innovative approach and client-centric focus make them an invaluable asset to any collaboration.

Emily Davis

VP of Marketing

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Shah Nawaz Group is a dynamic consortium of companies led by Shah Nawaz, MBA, serving diverse industries such as insurance, education, media, and more. Our group is committed to innovation, client satisfaction, and excellence in every venture.

Shah Nawaz Group operates in a range of sectors, including insurance brokerage, education, media, and various other ventures. Our diversified portfolio reflects our commitment to exploring new opportunities and making a positive impact across industries.

Shah Nawaz, MBA, is the President & CEO of Nawaz Group. With visionary leadership, he plays a pivotal role in steering the group towards success, fostering innovation, and ensuring the highest standards of excellence.

NY Insurance Brokerage, a subsidiary of Nawaz Group, offers a comprehensive range of insurance services, including property and casualty, life, and health insurance. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Shah Nawaz Brokerage offers a variety of financial services, including investment planning, portfolio management, and innovative strategies designed to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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সন্মাননা পেলেন সাপ্তাহিক আজকাল সম্পাদক শাহ নেওয়াজ
আরটিভি সন্মাননা পেলেন সাপ্তাহিক আজকাল সম্পাদক শাহ নেওয়াজ। আরও যারা সন্মাননা পেয়েছেন তারা হলেন কুইন্স...
গ্লোবাল বিজনেস অ্যাওয়ার্ড পেলেন শাহ নেওয়াজ ও রানো নেওয়াজ
গ্লোবাল বিজনেস কনফারেন্সে অ্যাওয়ার্ড পেলেন সাপ্তাহিক আজকাল সম্পাদক ও নিউইয়র্কে জনপ্রিয় কমিউনিটি একটিভিস্ট শাহ নেওয়াজ।...
শীতার্তদের মাঝে নিউইয়র্ক বাংলাদেশি লায়ন্স ক্লাবের কম্বল বিতরন
শীতার্ত মানুষের মধ্যে কম্বল বিতরন করলো নিউইয়র্ক বাংলাদেশি আমেরিকান লায়ন্স ক্লাব। ‘মানুষ মানুষের জন্য’ শ্লোগানে...