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Welcome to NawazGroup, a hub where innovation converges with excellence, guided by Shah Nawaz, MBA, our visionary President & CEO. From insurance brokerage to education and media, NawazGroup is a dynamic consortium dedicated to reshaping success across diverse industries.

Meet Shah Nawaz MBA, a dynamic force at the intersection of American politics and the Bangladeshi-American community. With a journey marked by resilience and leadership, he overcame early challenges, excelling academically and culturally. Inspired by Barack Obama, Shah Nawaz delved into American politics, fostering community representation and championing philanthropic causes, embodying a commitment to positive change on a global scale. Join us on a journey of endless possibilities, where passion, integrity, and innovation define NawazGroup's mission.

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NRB World

As an advisor to NRB World, Shah Nawaz brings valuable insights, contributing to the community's growth and well-being.

Editor & Publisher

Weekly Aajkal

As Editor & Publisher of Weekly Aajkal, Shah Nawaz leads with a commitment to quality journalism and community engagement.

President & CEO

NY Car & Limo Services Inc.

As President & CEO of NY Car & Limo Services Inc., Shah Nawaz ensures top-notch transportation services with a commitment to excellence.

President & CEO

NY Insurance Brokerage Inc.

As the President & CEO of NY Insurance Brokerage Inc., Shah Nawaz leads with expertise, ensuring clients receive top-notch insurance solutions and personalized service.

President & CEO

Golden Age Home Care Inc.

As President & CEO of Golden Age Home Care Inc., Shah Nawaz leads with compassion, ensuring personalized and dignified care for seniors. His commitment is to enhance the quality of life during the golden years.

President & CEO

Golden Age Home Care Inc.

As President & CEO of Career Academy of New York Inc., Shah Nawaz guides an institution committed to educational excellence and professional development. His leadership fosters a learning environment that empowers individuals for success.

Editor & Publisher

New York Bangla TV Inc.

As Editor & Publisher of New York Bangla TV Inc., Shah Nawaz leads with editorial expertise, connecting and informing the Bangladeshi community in New York.

President & CEO

Shah Nawaz Brokerage Inc.

As the President & CEO of Shah Nawaz Brokerage Inc., Shah Nawaz leads with expertise, providing unparalleled brokerage services and ensuring client success.


New York Bangladeshi American Lions Club

As President of the New York Bangladeshi American Lions Club, Shah Nawaz leads with dedication, spearheading impactful initiatives that contribute to the welfare of the community.

Chief Advisor

Save The Smile LLC

As the Chief Advisor of Save The Smile LLC, Shah Nawaz provides strategic guidance, playing a key role in supporting initiatives that bring smiles and positive change to those in need.