Weekly Ajkal

Weekly Ajkal: Your Gateway to Informed Living and Vibrant Culture

Discover the pulse of community, culture, and news with Weekly Ajkal, an integral part of Nawaz Group. As a cornerstone of informative journalism, Weekly Ajkal is committed to bringing you the latest news, cultural highlights, and community stories that resonate with the diverse tapestry of New York and beyond.

Weekly Ajkal is more than a publication; it's a cultural ambassador, weaving together the threads of community, tradition, and contemporary living. Dive into the pages of Weekly Ajkal for a journey that connects you with the heartbeat of local and global happenings.

  • Community Spotlight
  • Cultural Highlights
  • Current Affairs
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Events and Entertainment

Role of Shah Nawaz in Weekly Ajkal

Community Advocate: As a community advocate, Shah Nawaz, MBA, ensures that Weekly Ajkal remains dedicated to showcasing the diverse stories and voices within the community.

Editorial Oversight: Shah Nawaz's commitment to excellence extends to the editorial standards of Weekly Ajkal, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and relevance in every publication.

Cultural Stewardship: Under Shah Nawaz's leadership, Weekly Ajkal serves as a cultural steward, fostering a sense of identity and connection within the community.

Weekly Ajkal, guided by Shah Nawaz's vision, stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and community connection. Join us in the pages of Weekly Ajkal for a journey that informs, entertains, and celebrates the vibrant spirit of community and culture.

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