Shah M. Nawaz (Bangladeshi-American Businessman)

January 29 – Bangladesh

  1. University of Dhaka (MA)
  2. IBA, Dhaka (MBA),
  3. Institute of Management (PGDPM)


Bangladeshi, American

Professional Info: 

Shah M. Nawaz is a distinguished Bangladeshi-American businessman and philanthropist. Over the years, his unwavering dedication and sincere work have resulted in the establishment of a multitude of successful enterprises. Holding prestigious positions as the President and CEO of various companies and organizations, including Golden Age Home Care Inc., NY Insurance Brokerage Inc., Career Academy of New York Inc., Galaxy Driving Inc., NY Car & Limo Services Inc., Perfect Age Adult Day Care, Perfect Coordination LLC., New York Bangla TV Inc. (NBTV), Shah Nawaz Publication Inc., Weekly Ajkal Inc., Shah Nawaz Brokerage Inc., SSRR Properties Inc., and Golden Age Luxury Hall Inc.

Social Affiliations:

Shah Nawaz actively engages with social organizations, holding leadership roles in the NY Bangladeshi American Lions Club (District 20-R2), Jamaica Bangladesh Association (JBA), Federation of Bangladeshi Americans in North America (FOBANA), Queens Borough Communities, Bangladeshi American Friendship Society of New York, and American Bangladeshi Business Association (ABBA) as Chairman and President. His past roles include serving as the President of the Jackson-Heights Bangladeshi Business Association (JBBA), and Advisor to the esteemed socio-cultural organization in North America, Jamaica Bangladesh Friends Society (JBFS), as well as being a Community Board Member of Queens Borough.


Shah Nawaz holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Dhaka, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA, Dhaka University), and a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDPM) from the Institute of Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Married to Rano Nawaz, a Bangladeshi-American singer, Shah Nawaz is a proud father to a son, Sadman Nawaz, and a daughter, Sadia Nawaz.

Awards & Credentials:

Shah Nawaz has received numerous recognitions and awards from elected officials, including the Mayor of NYC, Congress members, State Senators, Assembly and Council members, as well as credible socio-cultural organizations such as Bangladesh Society and others.