New York Bangla TV (NB TV)

NB TV: Connecting Cultures, Celebrating Bangla Heritage in the Heart of New York

Welcome to New York Bangla TV (NB TV), your gateway to diverse and vibrant Bangladeshi programming in the heart of New York. As a prominent member of Nawaz Group, NB TV is dedicated to delivering high-quality content that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh while catering to the dynamic needs of the Bangladeshi community in the United States.

At NB TV, we go beyond being a television channel; we are a cultural bridge, connecting the Bangladeshi diaspora with their roots and providing a platform for informative and entertaining content. Join us as we bring the spirit of Bangladesh to New York through a variety of engaging programs and shows.

  • Cultural Richness
  • Informative Programming
  • Entertainment Galore
  • Community Engagement
  • Live Shows and Events

Role of Shah Nawaz in New York Bangla TV (NB TV)

Cultural Advocate: As a cultural advocate, Shah Nawaz, MBA, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that NB TV remains true to its mission of preserving and promoting Bangladeshi culture in the United States.

Community Connector: Under Shah Nawaz's leadership, NB TV serves as a vital connector, fostering a sense of community among the Bangladeshi diaspora in New York.

Quality Content Oversight: Shah Nawaz's commitment to excellence extends to the content aired on NB TV, ensuring that viewers receive high-quality and culturally enriching programming.

With Shah Nawaz at the helm, NB TV becomes more than just a television channel—it becomes a cultural hub that celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of Bangladesh. Join us at NB TV for an immersive experience that bridges continents and brings the warmth of Bangladesh to the heart of New York.

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